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Successfull project of a recent graduate

To strategically implement research and development activities, an Innovation Assistant was employed for a two-year project within the framework of the Upper Austrian programme „Innovation Assistants and Advisors for SMEs“. Innovation Assistant Roman Lugmayr M.Sc., a recent graduate of the University for Applied Sciences in Wels (degree programme Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering) received guidance from experienced external consultant Mag. Paul Voithofer.

An essential part of the project involved a review of various plants to improve the rotting process and the end product.In Tunisia, an experimental composting plant was built with the process technology of Compost Systems. First, the problem of high leachate fraction was resolved, while at the same time the utilisation of landfill volume was improved with ventilation technology.
Furthermore, an Austria-wide field test was carried out on different surfaces with compost tea, for which a special tea machine was developed. A clear improvement of product quality and the reduction of the use of chemicals were among the positive results.

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