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Composting Technologies

Fleece roller

The fleece roller can be operated with a wheel loader and also a tractor with front loader. For being flexible in its usage, there are two models of fleece rollers:

  • Fleece roller for one rolling side (left side or right side)
  • Fleece roller for two rolling sides (left and right side)

Flexible – Agile – Fast – Gentle

With the hydraulic operation the velocity for rolling the fleece can steplessly be adjusted in both direction (back and forth). Each side is capable to carry/store up to 150 meters of compost fleece.

With the mobile roller the compost fleece can gently be stored by also saving space.

Download Brochure Fleece roller wheel loader RDLW (pdf) 185 KB
Download Brochure Fleece roller CMC ST 230, 300, 350 (pdf) 188 KB
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