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You are looking for a flexible and independent way to collect and treat your waste?

The CSC-Container is a flexibly applicable container which was particularly developed for the biological (aerobic) collection and treatment of waste. The simple transport with a standard hooklift and an installed GPS-tracking system enable a decentralized collection. You are able to request location and process data via internet database at any time. This makes the container a perfect tool for the waste management logistics.

With our long experience in the aeration technology, we have developed an aeration system for the container avoiding putrefaction of the waste. The inserted air volume is ideally controlled to the biological process by the temperature measurement. The membrane technology prevents odour emissions, so there is no obstacle to start collecting within a commune.

For a feasible demonstration of the advantages of our CSC container, we established a rental programme for you. Just ask our colleagues concerning availability!

Technical details:
Positive aeration Negative aeration Capacity Emission Comment
    from 200 t/a
Combined collection and rotting logistics
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