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Box composting

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COMPOboxes are individually controlled static composting units. The turning process can be reduced to mixing and loosening the materials. COMPOboxes can be operated in negative, positive or circulating aeration mode. For larger composting plants the process air is cleaned with a biofilter. For smaller plants we recommend cleaning the process air with our semi-permeable COMPObox membrane which is used as the roof of the box at the same time.

The COMPObox process can be adopted successfully and cost-efficient from 2000 tons per year. Normally, the composting units have a width of 4-6 m and almost any user defined length. The filling is done by wheel loader or by an automatic loading system. For unloading it is financially advisable to use the wheel loader.

The use of the COMPObox process is especially beneficial during the first odour-intensive degradation phase of an MBT or composting process. The flexible building module offers easy integration into existing buildings.

Specific advantages of the COMPObox:

  • Minimum space requirement and compact
  • Flexible technology for any plant size
  • Applicable for integration into existing buildings
  • Economic solution to process the compost in a closed reactor during the odour-intensive phase
Technical details:
Positive aeration Negative aeration Capacity Emission Comment
    from 2,000 t/a
Static rotting system
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