Composting Technologies

Enclosed windrow composting

The newEARTH technology

The newEARTH-procedure combines advantages of the windrow composting with an enclosed composting system. This leads to lower treatment and construction cost and total control of emissions. The secret is to combine the aeration of compost windrows (COMPOnent system) with an intelligent air flow concept for the composting hall.

The turning of the compost windrows is made by a conventional turning machine. Thus no complex machines with electrical, mechanical or hydraulic drives which have to permanently resist against the aggressive composting conditions within the composting halls. The dust and/or steam emissions during turning are be conducted through the patented air guiding system.

The processed material is continuously “negative aerated”, so emissions are not released into the hall but immediately sent to the biofilter. Inside the hall there is a slight underpressure at any time, so emissions cannot leave the building.

Specific advantages of the newEARTH process include

  • Low treatment and construction cost
  • For service and maintenance staff it is not necessary to enter the plant during a cycle of composting
  • Use of conventional mobile machines (e.g. wheel loader)
  • Batch process secures sanitisation, which is automatically documented
Technical details:
Positive aeration Negative aeration Capacity Emission Comment
    from 10,000 t/a
Dynamic or static rotting system
Download newEARTH MBA (pdf) 174 KB