6. International Practitioner Day 2019

19. September 2019at the site of Huemer Kompost GmbH in Alberndorf near Linz

32 machines and devices have already been registered for this unique event, and there are ongoing registrantions. This promises an exciting day to observe the progress so far in the composting industry and the development in composting technology and to see all machines in action.

The International Practitioner Day is the most important event for manufacturers and composting companies in Austria and far beyond our borders and invites us to further expand the network to authorities, plant operators and also farmers. For the third time the „KompOskar“ is awarded to the producer of the best compost in Austria.

Compost Systems is again present and we are demonstrating our machines such as TracTurn 3.7, CMC ST 300 und CMC SF 300!

We would be happy to spend this exciting day with you!

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