CMC ST 230 for Indian project

The company Creation Biotech was founded in 2014 by four young Indian agricultural engineers and farmers -

in close cooperation with Dr. Bronner’s, the largest producer of natural soaps in the US. Dr. Bronner’s has committed to purchasing the output of organic and fair trade certified mint oils from the project. The company also helped Creation Biotech obtain a grant from the German GIZ, aimed at improving the poor local soil quality through training its 2,000 small holder farmers in the practice of “regenerative organic agriculture”. In addition to the use of conservation tillage and of cover crops and leguminous rotation crops, this includes the use of a CMC ST 230 compost turner from Compost Systems. It already produces compost from crop residues, cow manure and waste biomass available in the area. The compost will be sold at cost to the farmers. Its production is subsidized by the sale of “carbon insets” generated through the sequestration of atmospheric CO2 in the compost. The application of 5-10 MT of compost per hectare and year will be key to improving soil fertility, increasing yields and improving the resilience of the local soil. That and the value-added export of mint oils and legumes as organic and fair trade will improve farm profitability and help farmers “stay in the countryside”.

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