Governor Schwarzenegger's visit in Oran

Mr. Schwarzenegger visited the waste sorting and composting project in Oran, Algeria

One year ago, Compost Systems has delivered composting technology to Oran in Algeria for the Non Governmental Organization R20 (Regions of Climate Action). The aim of that pilot project was to start composting of source-separated organic waste together with green waste to produce high quality compost.

On Monday, 26th of September 2016, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (founder of R20) travelled to Algeria. On this occasion he also visited the composting plant and waste sorting plant in Oran (Hassi Bounif) together with several politicians of Algeria. Compost Systems presented the pilot composting project and why it is important to produce and apply high quality compost. Also the planned composting plant with an annual capacity of 6,000 tons of organic waste was presented to the participants. This pilot project is managed by the R20 MED (the Mediterranean pole of R20 in Oran) in collaboration with Public Authorities, Local Authorities of Oran, the company in charge of the management of landfill site and with the support and assistance of "Compost Systems".

We highly appreciate Mr. Schwarzenegger for his visit and interest in composting. We also thank R20 for the possibility of presenting this topic.

Here you can watch a video of the visit of Arnold Schwarzenegger:

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