Composting Technologies

Air treatment

Within the degradation of organic waste odours are produced. These need to be collected and cleaned in order to avoid problems with your neighbours.

Biofilters have proven themselves in practise to be the simplest  and most cost-efficient way to treat exhaust air. The air is distributed equally over the whole biofilter surface. Odours are biologically degraded in a fill of root wood, wood chips and other materials. In order to ensure optimum operation and to avoid odour emissions, important process parameters are measured with our ICA system.

The size of the biofilter depends on the rate of the exhaust air. The system is easy to use and offers high reliability. The system enables optimum air treatment at minimum costs.


In order to reach optimum degradation performance within the biofilter it is necessary to pre-condition the exhaust air.

Depending on the size of the plants, exhaust air is pre-cleaned within an acid scrubber in order to wash out aggressive substances like ammonia. A washbox saturates the air to maximum humidity (full saturation) to prevent, that the filter media of the biofilter dries out.


Exhaust air of composting halls and MBT plants contain substances which can lead to material corrosion. Therefore high-quality stainless-steel and/or plastic pipes are used for the air treatment system.

We design and realize your individual pipeline on request.