Composting Technologies

ICA system

Tailored instrumentation and control technology with user-friendly interface

Depending on your plant's specific requirements we plan tailored control system. The control system incl. measurement technology, control cabinets and visualization is supplied to the construction site fully-wired. Only the external wire connections must be established on site.

Our control system is the joint control centre for the aeration systems.

Temperatures are read automatically by the temperature monitoring system.The aeration period is dependent on the process and can be controlled for the individual compost windrow.

The touch panel enables simple handling and adaption of parameter. Additionally, our control system is directly connected with a monitoring software. Changes of parameter are adapted in both systems.

The compost control system is delivered as a pre-installed and complete-wired unit (PLC, touch panel, motor protection, control cabinet, etc).


An economic and low-emission operation of a plant is secured by a failure-resistant ICA system. So we use proven measurement technology for the assessment and control of our process.

Depending on the plant section different sensors for temperature, pressure, but also air flow, filling level and pH-value are available to monitor the operation conditions. With our Know-How in cooperation with these sensors an optimal plant operation can be ensured.


For an easy understanding of the composting process it is necessary to have a clear and comprehensive operational surface.

With our experience of visualizing many plants in the past, we have made “the easy to understand” visualization and control software. Sanitation, thermal fluctuations within the process, etc can be controlled easily. Entries and modifications of process parameters are possible by simply clicking your mouse.

The software is adapted to the individual requirements of your plant and is delivered pre-installed on a computer.


The control technology can be supplied fully assembled as "Plug and Play" solution (COMPOtainer) to the construction site.