9. MBT for municipal waste in Poland

Compost Systems gets the order for planning and realization of a MBT and a composting plant in Luban.

On the MBT (Mechanical biological treatment) and the composting plant in Luban, south-west of Poland,

The residual waste of the MBA (Mechanical biological treatment) and the composting plant of Luban (south-west Poland) is pretreated in order to be able to get deposited reaction-free. Additionally, the biowaste and the green waste of that region are composted together.

After the planning stage, which should be finished in December 2013, the construction of the plant can start. The plant should be put into operation already early summer 2014.

The project of Luban is already the 9. MBT plant in Poland during the last 12 months.

The plants of Ryman, Jaroszów, Gac, Zawiszow, Leba, Olesnica, Chlewnica and Kryniczno reach a total processing capacity of more than 400,000 t/a. Materials which are processed are household wast, biowaste, digestate and sewage sludge.

Compost Systems supplies besides the process planning for the biological waste treatment; the process engineering of the special components for the process supervision and the exhaust air treatment.

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